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tf2 (team fortress 2)

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tf2 (team fortress 2) Empty tf2 (team fortress 2)

Post  brutal7 on Thu Mar 10, 2011 7:26 am

In tf2 there are 9 classes
scout soldier pyro demoman heavy engineer medic sniper spy
Scout are really fast and can jump twice. They have items such as a sharpened volcano fragment, a candycane, a spiked club, a FaN shotgun.
Soldiers have rocket launchers and can launch themselves into the air using rocket launcher. They have many rocket launchers like one that does absolutely no damage, all it is meant for is to launch you or someone else into the air.
Pyros are mysterious pyromaniacs. They have 3 different flamethrowers for all kinds of thing. Watch out because they can airplast you off a cliff. They even have a fireaxe that insta-kills flaming enemies. The axtinguisher its called. They launch flare guns and have a secondary shotgun. Its one of those easy classes. (Soldier, pyro and heavy)
Demomen are irish. They have grenade launchers, stickybomb launchers and a bottle of beer. And also an axe,sword,stick with nail in it,another axe,a grenade on a stick. Etc. They like to spam but its really hard to actually do well with a demo. Heavys are fat russians with miniguns. They go into battle and destroy anything close to them. They have the most health on the team. When they eat a sanvich they gain health. For melee they have boxing gloves, bear hands, and fists. this is the hardest noob class. Engy!!!! Ma favorite. He makes sentries, dispencers and teleporters. He is deadly at melee. His wrench will dominate anything. Example an engineer that sneaks up to a pyro can kill the pyro in 2 hits. (like 1 second.) (this if the pyro doesnt see you.) Engineers make it possible to defend something with their auto-aim sentries.
Medic! This german doctor has a medigun, a needle gun and a bonesaw and many variations of all three. As well as a crossbow. He is the second fastest class. A Medic is almost always needed to win.
Sniper no swiping! Thats right the sniper. He dresses like a crocodile sometimes. and uses a bow and arrow or a sniper-rifle. There is no quick scoping because there is a charge up shot. WILL CONTINUE


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