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Rules! Please Read Here Before Posting

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Rules! Please Read Here Before Posting

Post  king_leo on Fri Mar 04, 2011 2:31 am

These rules apply to all category unless they have any others
People Who Disobey the rules get 2 More Chances anymore then there will be a ban.

Please Obey The Rules
1. Nothing Over PG 13+
2. Only Talk About This Categoric, Nothing off topic
3. Please Keep The Randomness low
4. No posting of Warez
5. English only
6. Report Anything Out Of The Rules
7. No Advertising


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Re: Rules! Please Read Here Before Posting

Post  Neko-Kitten on Thu Jan 24, 2013 6:35 pm

Alright, like with most online communities, Acewing has some ground rules. Please do your best to follow them, they will be enforced and punishments dealt when necessary. So here we go:

  • No bad language - This is a forum for all ages and you don't need to curse in order to get your point across.

  • No double posting - It makes things messy. If you have something to add before someone else posts, then edit your previous post.

  • No Spam - I know 99% of the people that will spam, wont read the rules. But please, don't blatantly fill a topic or post with links or advertisements.

  • Post in the correct forum - Admins & moderators can move threads but it makes things easier if you post in the right section in the first place.

  • Do not abuse members - Do NOT abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or discriminate any members of the forum. This will likely result in a permanent ban.

  • No offensive content - Please don't post pictures/jokes/links that may be considered as racist/sexist/etc.

  • Signatures - Any links in your signature must abide by the rules. Please don't link to anything which may be seen as offensive.

Behave yourselves and everything will be just fine! If you find something that you feel to be a violation of the rules, please report it to a moderator or admin.

**The rules will be updated from time to time**

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